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Directory section
Mobilized Investigation, 03.02.2003 16:37
This section is intended to be a (voluntary) directory of the people
and projects who contribute to and use this site. A place to share histories, backgrounds, past work, and ideas for the future.

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Ana Lopes
Ana Lopes, 04.06.2004 02:41
I am a sex worker and PhD student. My Action Research project has consisted in facilitating a group of sex workers and allies to mobilise and campaign for our rights. We set up an international colletive/network, and got official union representation for sex workers in the UK.
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Link Collection
, 28.04.2004 09:29
A collection of links on struggles within the academy, papers about activist research, and autonomous research/educational initiatives.
See also the source page at
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Peter Dwyer
Peter Dwyer, 16.09.2003 06:10
Introduction for MI list
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Center for Research on Global Social Movement
zapata@sezampro.yu,, 24.05.2003 12:00
-Eastern European Institute-
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Martin K
mi, 22.04.2003 02:10
Hello everybody,

I investigate on subjectivity and capitalism, in particular the manner in which the social tissue (or social relations) have been affected in these times.

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john duda
mi, 22.04.2003 02:07
I am currently working on formulating a research project which would look at radical and utopian political investments in the practice of science starting with the late 19th century and continuing
up to the present, hopefully arriving at some historical/philosophical basis for assessing the current politicization of science as well as
the prospects of mobilizing science as a force for the radical transformation of society.

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mi, 22.04.2003 02:03
I'm a part time Phd student in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. My subject is environmental direct action and anarchist theory, and my lifestyle is pretty much the same, or it would be if I wasn't too busy trying to finish off this neverending phd.

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Tim Jordan
mi, 22.04.2003 01:55
I'm an academic working at the Open University. Officially I'm a sociologist but for me the main advantage of that is that in the UK Sociology is pretty weak at its boundaries and allows all sorts of intellectual interventions. I have two strands of intellectual work: cyberstudies/politics and protest/social movement studies.

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Uri Gordon
mi, 22.04.2003 01:51
Hi All,

Nice to be on board! I'm an Israeli doctoral student in political philosophy at Oxford, working on an anarchist theory of democracy.

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Alan Johnson
mi, 22.04.2003 01:50
Ok, so here is my introduction. I am currently working with my colleague Graeme Chesters on questions of organisation, process and 'leadership' in protest movements using ethnography, in-depth interviewing, and the life-history.
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Trebor Scholz
mi, 22.04.2003 01:47
Dear Manifestors,
I work collaboratively and individually across, often merging disciplines and teach critical net cultures at the Department of Media Study at the State University New York at Buffalo.

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mi, 22.04.2003 01:44
I'm an academic and activist living and working in the North West of the UK. Over the last 8 years I've been involved in campaigning and researching around a range of social and environmental issues.
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mi, 22.04.2003 01:40
I’m Mayo Fuster, I’m from Valencia, young and woman.

I participate in the Moviment de Resistencia Global of Catalunya, and I work in Eyfa (European Youth for(rest) action) in Amsterdam, and I’m involved in
the European Social Consulta proces.
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Brian Holmes
mi, 22.04.2003 01:37
I am Brian Holmes, I am an art critic, culture critic and activist, usually all at once. I live in France and have been participating in many demonstrations these last years, first with the group Ne pas plier and more recently with Bureau d'Etudes, who try to map out the actors of global capitalism and the resistance to it.
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Tools for Change
Laurence Cox, 09.02.2003 08:49
The Tools for Change web pages include details from various activist / academic projects: participatory research, theorising social movements, networking projects, and critiques of mainstream academic approaches to activism.
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